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Children’s Series

Children’s series offers delicious pastries made with organic and nutritious ingredients, without any additives, to ensure the safety and health of children.

Children's Cookies

The Children’s Cookies Series features an array of animal-shaped cookies which are meticulously handcrafted with organic flour, striking a balance between health and taste. 

  • Party Cookies Gift Set (Butter, Green Tea, Hazelnut & Oat, Tomato, Beetroot & Strawberry, Corn Flake, Vegetable, 42 pieces) – $318
  • Delight Cookies Gift Set (Butter, Beetroot & Strawberry, Chocolate and Hazelnut & Oat, 26 pieces) – $208
  • Refreshing Cookies Gift Set (Butter, Corn Flake,Tomato and Green Tea, 26 pieces) – $208
  • Butter / Chocolate / Cheese / Hazelnut & Oat Cookies Gift Set (12 pieces) – $98/box

Children's Snowy Cookies

Snowy Cookies Series is inspired by the texture of snow.  Our Michelin Starred Chef has meticulously prepared the Snowy Cookies with the finest organic flour and natural butter. Our Chef has used special skills and craftsmanship in the baking process, as if injecting the air into the Snowy Cookies, giving it an airy texture. 

  • Earl Grey Snowy Cookies / Butter Snowy Cookies / Coconut Snowy Cookies / Green Tea Snowy Cookies (15pcs) – $158/box

Creative Animal Gift Box

The Creative Animal Gift Box series features 8 adorable animals with colorful appearances. Each gift box contains a variety of flavors from The Artisan’s product line, including snowy cookies, gluten-free cookies, puffs, and children cookies. The box is designed with Velcro for convenient access and can also be reused as a storage box. The Creative Animal gift boxs are perfect for personal use or as gifts.

  • Petite Sheep:Snowy Butter Cookies (5pcs) – $58
  • Petite Cat:Snowy Earl Grey Cookies (5pcs) – $58
  • Petite Monkey:Snowy Coconut Cookies (5pcs) – $58
  • Petite Bear:Natural Gluten Free Hazelnut Cookies (5pcs) – $58
  • Petite Lion:Hazelnut Crispy Puffs (10pcs) – $58
  • Petite Pig:Beet Root & Strawberry Cookies (5pcs) – $48
  • Petite Cow:Chocolate Cookies (5pcs)  – $48
  • Petite Dog:Butter Cookies (5pcs) – $48

Children's Hamper

Personalize your gift with The Artisan’s Hamper Series and surprise your friends, family, and loved ones with an unforgettable present. This series features The Artisan’s popular products, such as candies and snowy cookies, which you can mix and match to create a unique combination according to your personal preference. It also includes an animal tote bag, making it the perfect gift to celebrate birthdays, festivals, or any special occasion.

  • Mini Sweets Hamper – Original Price $318, Discounted Price $198
  • Magical Snowy Cookies Hamper – Original Price $448, Discounted Price $268
  • Magical Crispy Puffs Hamper – Original Price $508, Discounted Price $298
  • Luscious Hamper – Original Price $678, Discounted Price $398
  • Party Hamper – Original Price $1,158, Discounted Price $688

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