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Mooncake Series

Lava Custard Series

The Artisan’s Michelin-starred team presents four unique mooncakes with designs featuring rabbits, floral carvings, and three-dimensional rabbits as the mooncake box. In addition to the traditional Lava Custard Mooncake and Lava Cranberry Mooncake, there are also Mandarin Custard, Cranberry, Purple Sweet Potato, and Pineapple Mooncakes with a refreshing fruit theme.

Quality ingredients are meticulously selected to infuse into the Mooncakes. The mooncakes emanate a rich buttery aroma from the inside out. The Lava Custard Mooncakes are made with natural butter and top-quality salted egg yolk, and the custard filling is perfectly blended with the crust to create a deliciously satisfying treat. The Lava Cranberry Mooncakes boast a strong fruity aroma that perfectly complements the delightful taste.

Lava Mooncake Duo  : Lava Custard Mooncake (5 pieces) and Lava Cranberry Mooncake (4 pieces) – $438/box

Lava Custard Mooncakes  : Lava Custard Mooncake (6 pieces) – $368/box

Fruit Mooncake Series:

Quality fruit fillings are meticulously selected to infuse into our mooncakes, to offer a rich fruity aroma and sweetness. Cranberry Mooncakes offer a delightful taste with fruity aroma of cranberry. Pineapple Mooncakes boasts a refreshing aroma that perfectly complements its savory pineapple fillings. Mandarin Custard Mooncakes are a dreamy creation that blends crusted salted egg with fresh mandarin. Purple Sweet Potato Mooncakes are mildly sweet in taste, with a velvety texture that perfectly complements their appetizing fillings.

  • Assorted Delight Mooncakes : Mandarin Custard Mooncake (2 pieces), Cranberry Mooncake (2 pieces), Pineapple Mooncake (2 pieces), and Purple Sweet Potato Mooncake (2 pieces) – $438/box
  • Mooncakes Duo : Mandarin Custard Mooncake (3 pieces) and Cranberry Mooncake (3 pieces) –  $368/box